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An Outlaw With A Gooey Center.

Ok, so that's taking it a little far. I don't know that I'd say Wyatt Hayden has a gooey center. More like he has a serious distaste for the mistreatment of people who cannot defend themselves. But those who can defend themselves, well, he expects them to.

Wyatt was NOT an easy character to write. In fact, he was my most troublesome male protagonist to date, but considering his personality, this is not shocking. I stretched myself creatively for Wyatt, and it was beyond rewarding. I write emotional men, and Wyatt was as emotional as they come. Once you move past all those calluses he uses to keep people from knowing how wounded he is, you'll find he's pretty sweet.

I hope you enjoy his story. If you've been following him since The Patriot, you know how much Wyatt has to say, and how long he's been waiting to say it. Cheers!

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