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Have a different kind of hangover this weekend...

Free copy of The Day He Went Away

First off, let me apologize. I don't normally email twice in a week. (Or month, really). And never in consecutive days. But, I didn't have a choice. Free book days coincided with a blog post where I ask to be your friend, so, I just had to roll with it.

Moving on. Happy St. Patty's day!

Are you wearing your green? I'm not. *gasp* I have green eyes, so that's my excuse. Also, my maiden name is VERY Irish, so I like to say I don't participate in the pinching shenanigans. Or the kissing ones.

Are you going out tonight? Drinking green beer? Irish car bombs? Eating bangers and mash? Because, yum.

So, I've been thinking. What if this weekend you had a book hangover instead of the toilet hugging kind of hangover?

I made The Day He Went Away available for free today through March 21st. And calling it capable of a book hangover is not self-proclaimed. It has actually been called that.

So, please, go and snag my book for FREE this weekend. I'll send one more email on Monday before it goes back to normal price. Just in case this email mysteriously disappears.


Green eyed girl who sometimes was pinched anyway

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