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Let's be Lobsters.

A few weeks ago a person who read The Day He Went Away reached out to me. We chatted, and soon realized that although we now live across the country from each other, we went to neighboring high schools at the same time.

Say what?!

How's that for coincidence? Must've been the sunny skies and cacti in our desert blood that connected us. *insert winky face*

Anyhow, it made me think. (If I said that to my husband, he would ask if it hurt.) There are so many people who've read my books, which are literally a collection of thoughts that have streamed directly from my brain. And if anyone read The Day He Went Away, they know me really well because that novel is fiction based on fact about my real-life experience. So here is my question: Can I get to know my readers better? The answer: Umm...YES.

So, here it is. I'm just an author, standing in front of her reader, asking them to introduce themselves. Maybe a sentence or two about your current life set-up. Maybe something you're working on, or something you just did that made you really proud. Maybe something basic, like where you grew up.

That's all I'm asking for. I'm a writer because I can't breathe without words. You're a reader because words have the power to make you feel. See? We're already connected. We're literary lobsters. (Major cool points if you know what TV show that came from.)



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