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What if he were alive? Alternate book ending for The Day He Went Away!

If you were one of my beta readers for The Day He Went Away, you'd know exactly how to answer that question. If you've read the book, you know the ending I ultimately chose. The choice wasn't easy, and based upon reviews and feedback from readers, I've noticed the curiosity is the same within so many of you.

I went with the Nick and Kate ending because readers of romance like a solid ending. They've just invested 5-10 hours rooting for and hopefully falling in love with these two characters, and not getting the happily ever after can feel like a slap in the face. So, Nick+Kate = Love

Nick is great. Nick is dreamy. Nick is steadfast, and true. Kate's rock. But, but, but... ETHAN! What would happen if Ethan were still alive? If he somehow survived? I may write a novella and offer it on my website only, just because OH MY GOSH what if it were true? Oh, the possibilities. For now, I'm going to post the final deleted chapter. It's short on purpose.




Chapter Thirty-Two (Deleted)


Duty. Honor. Loyalty.

That’s why I’ve agreed to this.

They all think I’m dead. Mom, Dad, Kate, Nick. Army helicopter crash, no survivors


But there was one survivor.


By the time I was found they’d already had my funeral. They were neck-deep in getting

over their grief. Four nurses held me down when they told me they had already announced my

death, and a fifth one put a sedative in my drip. With a broken leg I wasn’t supposed to move, I

struggled. Finally free of the mountains where I thought I would die, finally free of the tiny

village where I was taken after being found by two sheepherders, I learned I'm not really free at


The Army had plans for me. Big plans. You’re going to be able to do so much more for

your country now that you’re dead.

But I’m not dead.

To all the people who matter to me, who love me, I’m gone. I’ve broken their hearts. My

mother. My father. My Katie girl.

I picture Kate, strong and healthy. One year after my death, and she's happy. She’s healed

from the loss of me. She’s in her kitchen, following detailed recipes, and going for long hikes.

Doing things she loves.

I've agreed to one more year of this.

And then I'm going home.

I'm coming for you, Kate.

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