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Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. 

I had everything I never knew I wanted, until one day in June when fate broke all the rules. 
My best friend, my life, my love. Gone.
I live in the Valley of the Sun, but I’m the darkest storm cloud. 
“Heal,” they tell me. “Move on.” 
Wherever my best friend is, I want to join him there. There’s just one problem.
Nick Hunter. 
He has come to rescue me from myself. 
Of course, he never knew it would be this difficult. 
He's full of grief too, but he’s not dark like me. He’s bright and warm. 
I can feel his sunshine creeping in, chasing away my darkness. 
It doesn’t feel right that I should ever be happy again. But the scariest part of all? 
It doesn’t feel wrong either. 

A gut-wrenching and emotional novel about love, loss, and loyalty.

The Day He Went Away

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