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I was eighteen when Noah Sutton entered my life. He was destined for greatness, and I could barely scrape enough money together to help my mother pay our rent. 

We fell in love. 

A summer of pushing limits, breaking rules, and living in moments I thought would last forever. 

None of that stopped him from leaving. 



All my life I had one passion, one goal, a singular pursuit. Then Ember happened. A free spirit, a girl who didn't need music to dance. 

She filled my rigid world with the very thing I didn't know it was missing. 

I’ve always regretted leaving her. 

What’s the point of realizing a dream if she isn't there to share it with? 

Getting her back won’t be easy. She’s moved on. 

My whole life has been one big competition, and it just so happens I’ve never accepted defeat.

Game on.

Magic Minutes (The Time Series Book Two)

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