Today's the day I was supposed to say ‘I do’.
Kiss the groom, cut the cake, and dance our first dance as husband-and-wife.

So much for forever.

Instead of sipping fruity cocktails and soaking up the sun on my honeymoon, I’ve escaped to Lonesome, Oregon. It seems as good a place as any to lick my wounds. It's peaceful, remote, and my favorite person in the world lives here: my grandma.


She needs help running the Sweet Escape Bed and Breakfast, and I need a place to lie low while I attempt to recover from the mess my life has become.

And it appears I’m not the only person here who’s running from something painful. A gorgeous man with sad eyes has been holed up in cabin seven since he arrived. I told myself to stay away from him, but my curiosity got the better of me.


If only I hadn't knocked on his door.
That’s when things got a whole lot more complicated.


I came to Lonesome to recover from a broken heart, but with a man like him around? Something tells me I’ll be leaving with a heart more damaged than it was when I arrived.

Excerpt: Beyond The Pale...   


The voice floats past my ears, the words moving over my skin like fog over water. I’m supposed to respond to the girl behind the counter, the one with the tattoo of a robot on her forearm. 

Tell her you want the almond milk caramel latte. 

Normally I wouldn’t order such an expensive drink, but the five-dollar gift card I received in the office Christmas exchange has afforded me this luxury. I work full-time, and I’m broke. I watch every penny with the rapt attention of an elderly person watching the neighborhood for petty crime. Keep reading...

Excerpt: One Good Thing...   

Hot sweat rolls down my ribcage. It accumulates in my sports bra, and soaks through the tight-fitting black leggings I’ve painstakingly shoved my legs into. Why am I wearing these? I should be in baggy sweats. And I should have ice cream. Something with chocolate and gooey caramel. 

But, no. I sucked in my stomach and worked myself into leggings that look painted-on, as if this were any other day. As if the current landscape of my life weren’t punishment enough, now I’m going to sweat through my pants.    

I’m out of sorts today. 

Scratch that. Out of sorts is for a harried young mother trying to quiet her toddler while breastfeeding her infant. Keep reading...

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